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Farm Field
Cargo Ship at the Port
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Our Vision and Us

We are an experienced production, wholesale and exports business based in Kolkata, India. Understanding, the need for accessibility to depressed socioeconomic classes in India, we have the instruments to reach out to these farmers, give them a fair price for their produce, and help them be immune to the hardships of famine or erratic rainfall. So, each time you export from us, you aren't just exporting the best products, but are also helping those living in the worst conditions.

Exports and Wholesale
Cargo Shipping Containers

Being a primarily agrarian economy, India ranks high on the lists of several agricultural products. 

What you need is an exporter you can trust- someone who will safely transport your goods across thousands of kilometers, on time and in top notch quality. 

Get in touch with us to have the best experience with importing perishable commoditties. 




A favorite in East India, the month's commodity in focus is Carrot . Purchase bonds or trucks by dropping us a call or an email



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