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About Ila Holdings

We are a production, wholesale and exports company located in Kolkata, India's gateway to the East. As a booming hub for trade, the Bay of Bengal has seen a rapid rise of Ports. 
With the advantage of having our origin network in Kolkata, Howrah, Siliguri, Malda and Bangalore, we proactively operate in Major hubs of India and distant towns to procure the best goods at minimal costs, and deliver them atleast 12 hours fresher than any other market.
Our Company

We are an experienced company headed by a research fellow of the Govt. of India with considerable networks the field of agricultural real estate, Alloy and Steel production and Customs management. While we can connect with the rest of the country with ease, we believe in the expansion of our identity beyond national borders. Expect something huge and beneficial for importers while working with us.

Security Surveillance

We make sure that your products reach you safely ,thus we only choose the best shipping lines available on the market. We also insure every shipment so that in case of any mishap, the only inconvenience you'll face is a delay of a few days as we get a new shipment ready for you !


We don't just ensure that our products meet the Quality requirements for a particular country, but also that every product,irrespective of lack of requirement,has been put through certain put through certain processes like irradiation and/or fuming and scrutinized before being shipped.

Contribution to society
Networking Event

India has had a history of severe social and economic disparity. The most potent way of getting rid of this problem is increasing employability. Our company strives to connect with those farmers who are yet to receive telecom or financial facilities and aggregate from them, so that their sales are not affected by merely local demand and supply.

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